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Bum Roll or Hip Roll
This little roll adds fullness at the sides and back, while leaving your front flat.  (Click on the drawing) This is made of white cotton fabric with ribbion trim and ties.
  Item #  ASH-BUM     Price:  $19.99 
Pocket Hoops
These hoops are made of cotton fabris with feather weight bonning and ribbion ties. They have slit in the top so that you can store things inside. (click on the drawing) They are available in different widths, just ask.
Item #  ASPH    Price:  $28.95 
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This chemise is 100% cotton. It has lace at the neck edge and is gathered with a ribbon, so you can wear it up, or off the shoulder. It has full loose fitting sleeves that are gathered with a ribbon that runs from the wrist up to the shoulder, so that you can adjust the length of the sleeve. The hem is detailed with eyelet and blue ribbion. Just the thing to wear under any renaissance dress.
Item #  ASCH    Price:  $49.95
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